Tanis Vrass


Tanis is a Mulan from Thay of fairly average proportions with a sharp face and tanned/olive skin. She is twenty-three, but looks slightly older. Long black hair has grown out over the tattoos that adorned her scalp. Long sleeves hide most of the others. She is always dressed in an outfit of white and cream rose, cut and stiffened to resemble armor. The longsword that she carries is old and utilitarian. Hard red eyes and lips of kohl compliment the black hair, but create an incongruous relationship to the light colored outfit. She often carries, or is seen around solitary white roses.


Tanis grew up in the lap of luxury; her parents were both courtiers in the halls of Szass Tam. However, it was not a good family life, given that her parents both seized on the immortality of undeath shortly after she was born and paid little attention to her other than to reprimand her when she failed to meet their expectations. As she grew older, the pressures increased as she was expected to marry quickly and have an heir, or find a patron to offer the gift of undeath (as a living daughter was considered an embarassment to her parents).

Both parents indulged in torture as a hobby, and shortly before her twentieth birthday, Tanis's father acquired a captured paladin of Ilmater. He began the torture sessions with high hopes but quickly spiraled into frustration as the paladin refused to break. Tanis grew curious of the paladin's resistance and snuck into the torture chamber to see just what kind of man this paladin was. For three days she snuck in and talked with the paladin, who explained his faith and his encounters in the wider world beyond Thay. On the fourth day, she found him dead, his flesh failed past the point of will to endure.

For two weeks after the paladin's death, things largely returned to normal, but then white roses began to turn up where ever Tanis went. Feeling a strange compulsion to leave, Tanis stole the paladin's sword, a horse, and a sizable sum from the family coffers. She had a traveller's visa forged and set out to leave Thay. Unfortunately, the trip to the coast of the Sea of Stars was not an easy one and she had lost everthing but the sword by the time that she reached Veltalar on the Sea of Fallen Stars. There she found the abbey dedicated to Ilmater that the paladin had mentioned and entered it, figuring on returning the sword.

The priests and priestesses of the abbey, seeing only a young Thayan who claimed to be offering a sword to them, received her less than warmly. Worn by the unaccustomed difficulties of the journey and the cold reception of the abbey's keepers, something in her snapped and she cried to the heavens, cursing every god, both good and evil, demanding to know why she suffered unjustly. Perhaps Ilmater himself was vexed by her outburst, for upon saying that she was inflicted with a vision of every suffering that she had caused in others, feeling them as if she had inflicted them in herself.

The enormity of the vision left her dead to the world around her. The priestesses, troubled by the events, but not forgetting their mission, took her in to care for her. For three years they cared for her, while she tried to put her mind back together. Through this period, the roses continued to appear. Eventually, she came back to herself with a new determination. She had to make atonement using the paladin's blade.


Tanis is driven by the need to atone for the life that she led as a youth. While she didn't have the bloodlust of her parents, she gave little thought to the suffering of others and treated the "toys" of animals and other children that her parents gave her thoughtlessly. She believes that people are inherently corrupt, as the faith of people strengthen the gods and the gods of good have not prevailed over the gods of evil. The only way to truly make a difference in the world is to cull the worst of those that cause suffering with the blade, in the hope that the sufferings prevented will make up for those caused by fighting.

Reserved in most interactions, Tanis is often reckless on the battlefield. Results are more important than risks. Outside of the battlefield, she can often be found in the Nixie Queen's bar, nursing bitter liquers, waiting for leads or jobs.


Aron Habrit: a paladin of Ilmater, captured by the Thayans, and tortured to death by Tanis's father. He was the one who opened Tanis's eyes to the existance of a wider world.

Xaydor Vrass: Tanis's father. A vicious man who delights in flaunting power when he has it and is obsequious when overshadowed. He is tall and gaunt. He makes a hobby of torture both for the blood and the feeling of power over his victim.

Immah Vrass: Tanis's mother. In many ways, she is more dangerous than her husband. While he delights in the breaking of flesh, Immah uses foul rituals to bolster and preserve her beauty. She is of medium height and generously endowed, but even when clean reeks of old blood.


Tanis is not particularly close to any of the other PCs, but she will go out of her way to maintain respectful relationships.

Plot hooks, Quests, etc

When pursuing bounties, she goes after those that are most violent rather than those that are most lucrative. She will also pursue any leads that may tie to the Thayans or at the behest of the church of Ilmater, regardless of payment.


Tanis's holy symbol is a complicated celtic knot of red cord rather than the usual bound hands.

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