Sheriff Laraste
Sheriff Laraste is a slender and highly charismatic female drow. She regularly is seen around the ship keeping an eye on the daily activities and upholding the laws of the Nixie Queen. She typically wears plate armor and a heavy shield emblazoned with symbols of Amaunator. She also carries a sheathed longsword at her side to remind would-be criminals that she is not afraid to engage those who refuse to go quietly.
Sheriff Laraste is a crew member of the Nixie Queen and upholds the laws of the vessel. Many often look to her for counsel in debated matters when accusations are brought up concerning theft or cheating in the gambling hall. On land, she often makes trips into the coastal villages spreading the good word of Amaunator and trying to bring his light to the darkest parts of Faerun.
Laraste is a two faced coin when it comes to her personality. She tends to be a sweet, yet commanding, person who can easily find her way to the truth through kind words and diplomatic reasoning. However, she quickly flips the bitch switch into intimidate mode when she faces a hardliner.
Presumably Laraste would interact with Desire and Kevin on a regular basis as they both uphold order in their own respects on different parts of the ship.
Plot hooks, Quests, etc
Laraste feels she is on a mission handed down to her from Amaunator himself. Afterall, it isn't every day a drow makes her way to the surface and abandons a goddess of darkness for one of the son. Anything that plays to these ends of promoting civility and justice would interest her.
A drow worshipping the God of Justice Civilization and, most awkwardly, the sun, does seem a bit… strange to most people. Laraste was born into House Rilyntel but never could grasp the teachings of lolth or any of the other underdark gods for that matter. Her curiosity one day brought her to the surface and she witnessed a magnificent sunrise that left her speechless. It was then that she realized she belonged on the surface, and not in the dank underdark. She left her house behind her, and wandered down a path to a nearby village. It was there that a Cleric of the temple of Amaunator was preaching to a small crowd about the glory of the sun god. She was captivated by his words and devoted herself to the clergy. Over time her diplomatic talents and her insightful skills set her on the path to become a Paladin. She began a pilgrimage across Faerun waiting for a sign from Amauntator as to her purpose. It was then that she witnessed another sunrise, coinciding with a ship coming down the river. The ship was the Nixie Queen. She joined up with the crew for a short time and eventually became the lawman of the ship in matters that needed adjudication.
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