"Razorleaf" Mallomar

Mallomar is a poplar-based wilden still in the spring of his life. He wears no upper-body garments, and his leggings resemble wrinkly roots. He stands at 6'2", abnormal for his race but reflective of his arboreal species.

He grew in the woods of Gulthandor, watching silently as adventurers, mostly Shou from the Dragon Coast, passed through. One Shou, a martial artist, decided to use Mallomar (who at the time appeared no more sentient than the surrounding trees) as a training dummy. Mallomar's quick reflexes allowed him to parry and surprisingly return the blow. The man, being quite impressed, trained with Mallomar, showing him the ways of the fist and the mind.
It was not long after this, the Shou man boarded the Nixie Queen for a nice holiday around the Sea of Fallen Stars. Mallomar, having never been within human civiliation, wanted to prove his worth to the crew and guests. A quick demonstration of his subtle yet deadly fighting style earned him the job of boatswain. He was charged with keeping order on the deck, especially when supplies were being (un)loaded. He earned the nickname Razorleaf from his crewmates who felt the lash of his foliage-covered hands.
Unfortunately, he has acquired an auxiliary (and, quite frankly, involuntary) job. When he meditates, he stands straight up, arms up. With the various twigs protruding and his inert status, guests (and crew, mockingly) rest their headgear on his arms. He is the unofficial hat rack of the Nixie Queen.

Being a natural hermit, Mallomar does not speak much, except with his fists. He gets the message across to subordinates with his bough-like arms. He has fallen victim to the obsession of gambling, having at first been simply fascinated.

The Shou sensei, name TBD

Probably reguarly plays with Gambler
Possible authoritative competition with the Sheriff and/or Kevin.

Quests & Plot hooks
Mallomar's Shou sensei has since vacated the boat. While he is relatively skilled in fighting, he seeks advanced training. His former master took shore unannounced, and Mallomar assumed the sensei was in seclusion on the boat. Reuniting with the Shou and learning the rest of his techniques would bring Mallomar some degree of closure.

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