Nixie Queen Characters

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Name Gender Race Class Description Player
Korrel Female Watersoul Genasi Sorcerer Water spirit Raised by a River-dragon Annemarie S.
Gambler Male Tiefling Swordmage! Dissipated Scoundrel (The Gambler) Peter S.
Desire Female Tiefling Psion Madam of the shipboard brothel (Miss Kitty) James H.
Kevin Male Halfling Barbarian Bouncer and security expert Bryant
Callie Female Halfling Assassin Dance-hall girl; quick with a whip. Susan
Jowan Female Human Artificer Self proclaimed ship's engineer Amanda H
Grenadine Female Shifter Warden Bartender and den mother Amanda D.
Sheriff Laraste Female Drow Paladin of Amaunator The Sheriff On-board (The Sheriff) Hudson
Tanis Vrass Female Human Avenger of Ilmater Passenger (Drifter) David D.
Aldron Male Gnome Swordmage Ensnarer of enemies and women (The Fill-in-the-blank Kid) Mark
"Razorleaf" Mallomar Male Wilden Monk Bosun, hat rack Jason B.
Tanellan Male Eladrin Wizard Master of Winter Stacey B.
Cassi Male Dwarf Barbarian Likes to get a drink Nicholas S.
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