Nixie Queen 1-1

How did your character find his way to the riverboat? Come introduce yourself!

Rubicon of the Feywild

Port of Call: Dark Hollow, on the Fire River. On the right night, at the right time, when a certain ritual is enacted, the Fire River crosses over into the Feywild. A small community of cranky wizards lives here, and each is always trying to outdo his neighbors. The Nixie Queen is due to pick up a shipment of Fey Gossamer and Spiritstrand Residuum, but the seller may have gone missing.

Nixie Queen 1-1
Date: August 6th (Friday)
Time: 2PM (or so)
Location: TBD
DM: Peter Seckler

1. Annemarie S.
2. Susan C.
3. Bryant D.
4. Rich Forest
5 friend?
6 friend?

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