Korrel is traveling incognito as an alluring blue water nymph. Her true identity remains a secret for her protection. She is petite and garbed in a long, flowing gossamer gown of turquoise.
Orphaned at a young age after her parents were slain by unknown intruders along the riverbanks, her mother uttered a spell that instantly transformed her to vapor. She was instantly delivered to river dragon, Redd Oolong, who raised her as his own in honor of her well-respected parents.
Shy and unassuming, yet one can sense a great deal of power resting beneath her placid nature. She's a maneater….watch out boys, she'll chew you up.
Redd Oolong, elemental spirits.
Plot hooks, Quests, etc
Korrel has sought passage on-board the Nixie Queen trying to locate the persons or beasts responsible for the murder of her parents. Her true form has been altered by a ritual cast by Redd Oolong for her protection.
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