Kevin is a 4' 6" muscular halfling, built like a fire plug. He wears barbaric furs, with feathers woven into the ends of his long, flowing blonde hair. He is a complete barbarian, at about half scale.
Kevin is from Icewind Dale, as he will tell you endlessly. There's a whole tribe of halfling barbarians up there. He is the sole member of his tribe to descend into civilized lands. Also, he has a remarkably thick Waterdhavian accent.
Brash, confident, strong, and sort of charming. He dislikes wasting time, and scorns civilized comforts.
TBD, although he is Reed Essinger's full brother. No, Reed's not from Icewind Dale.
Notable Events
With the help of his sidekick Rasputina and the crew of the Nixie Queen, Kevin slew a frost wyrm. It was fortunate they had an Icewind Dale barbarian along to show them where best to strike such a beast.
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