Jowan (pronounced Joe-wane) is very short for a human and incredibly skinny; despite the fact that she spends a good deal of her time eating. Her hair is a shocking purple color though no one understands why considering she is human. It is cut short and spiky. She is a 11 year old girl she looks more like a boy. She tries to wear dresses all the time like Desire, but they end up filthy and torn because she spends her days climbing around an engine. She somehow drags around a large crossbow despite the fact it looks like it weighs more than she does.
Jowan managed to sneak her way onto the Nixie Queen, while it was docked along the dragon coast, and spent quite a week or two living in the engine room. She had to finally reveal herself once she realized there would be no food to steal from the gondsmen.
Jowan seems to have an obsessive need to find food. The rest of her obsession is focused on the Nixie Queen and any other machines. She is something of a prodigy when it comes to dealing with any problems the ship might have. She constantly interrupts conversations in an attempt to sound clever and impressive. She enjoys the gondsmen because they can sit patiently for hours and listen to her prattle on.
She spends a lot of her time in the engine room with the gondsmen. She has a knack for repairing them and they appreciate it.
Desire (because she's a classy lady).
Plot hooks, Quests, etc
She is often looking for bits of Gondish technology. She also might look for any family she might have.
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