Grenadine is a 6'3", broad-shouldered woman in her thirties with tanned skin and dark brown hair. She wears a bandana around her head to hold her waist length hair at bay and a long coat that conceals toned muscles. Her ruby red eyes are easily the source of her name. On her cheeks are tattooed triangles of the same ruby red color.
Her tribe was small. And by the time she came of age, they had been driven into a human settlement, where they made their living as trackers and guides. She was taken in by a human family, and trained as a midwife, caring for human children. When the children grew up and left the village, she too left to find others who needed her protection.
As she wandered, she came upon the Nixie Queen, docked at a port, and was intrigued. She stepped on board and happened into the bar where a fight had broken out. Without thinking, she leapt into action and subdued the brawlers - one of whom was the current bartender. Surprisingly, one of the staff offered her his job. After extricating the man from the boat, she accepted and has been there ever since.
Grenadine is generally reserved, watching over her bar like a den mother over a group of small children. However, should you cross her, you'll learn that the den mother has fangs and she knows how to use them. She will be the first one to charge in if a friend or fellow adventurer is in peril and she'd be the one to nurse them back to health afterwards. She is wise beyond her years, and knows much more than she lets on.
She is on excellent terms with the cleaning staff as the bar is always immaculate - she doesn't tolerate drinkers who don't clean up after themselves. And she gets along well with the other female staff, they often ask her advice.
Plot hooks, Quests, etc
Grenadine may be looking for other shifters (particularly longtooth) since she hasn't had much contact with them in a while. She is also looking for further training in the healing arts. She is a sucker for children and will help them in any way she can.
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