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Gambler favors black and red colors and wears the motifs of card-suits on his cloak and outfit. It looks as if he was once a lot more successful of a gambler than he is right now, as his flashy finery is a bit careworn and ragged now. Gambler has long hair, wears an eyepatch, and talks in a slow drawl. He tends to use a lot of gambling lingo in his speech.
Gambler is the son of a (somewhat infamous) outlaw tiefling bandit who called himself "Jack of Hearts". He learned swordsmanship from his father, and stole the unique bladed throwing stars he uses from him as well. Gambler's own "double down" and "snake eyes" techniques are his own unique fighting style, though.
Gambler outwardly tries to portray himself as an uncaring jerk, but can't seem to stop himself from helping people, especially innocent young women.
Prrrrrobbably Korrel, just because it's Annemarie's character.
Plot hooks, Quests, etc
Finding evidence of the Jack of Hearts, "high stakes" games, situations where the moral decision is unclear.
This is a Hybrid character! I could have gone full rogue easily, but I already have 3 rogues. The swordmage bit is purely for cuteness. Playing off a lot of tropes here.
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