She's a pint-size charmer with sweet looks and a cheery disposition. Blonde hair, blue eyes, an energetic dancer even if she usually has to stand on the table or the bar. She dresses in bright, flashy colors, as suits a dance-hall girl, and always wears a leather whip coiled at her belt. People only make crude jokes about it once.
She doesn't talk about THAT, except for mentions of Amn here and there. (Out of character knowledge: Callie's family is all part of a halfling criminal guild back in Athkatla, which she fled by giving up some of her soul to the Shadowfell and wiping her existence from her entire clan's memory.)
She smiles for passengers and customers, but once you get past the sweetness she portrays, she's a practical, shrewd - but honest - little halfling who always seems to know more gossip than people really wish she did. If her family knew where she was (or who she was, given her pact with Shadow), her honesty would make her a huge disappointment to her parents.
She tries to keep on the good side of all the Nixie Queen's authority figures, though she probably gets in trouble once in a while for talking too much with the customers instead of singing and dancing.
She has a huge crush on Kevin the barbarian halfling. And she totally thinks he's from Icewind Dale.
Plot hooks, Quests, etc
She has a soft spot for children of all races, and will usually step in with either threats or actual violence when she sees an imperiled child. Also, her family can be NPCed anytime with my blessing.
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