Alika Setzer


Alika is a Chondathan human, of medium height but willowy build. She looks like she is twenty, which is what she tells anyone who asks, but truth is she doesn’t actually know exactly how old she is. She wears her platinum blonde hair long, held back by several bronze combs. Other than a small utility knife, she doesn’t carry any arms and she wears an outfit of lavender and white designed to let her move freely. Alika will often toy with the bronze wedding band that she keeps on her left hand. She is right handed.


Alika was born in the slums of Balder’s Gate to a set of deadbeat parents and spent most of her time on the street. To help make ends meet, she learned how to run the cups game from an “uncle” who looked after most of the street. Whetting an interest for slight of hand, she quickly expanded into card tricks and rigging games of chance.

She also learned to fight on the street. Since she was not particularly large and strong, her style plays to her strengths, speed and keen eyes. She will rely on avoidance and redirection techniques while waiting for her opponent to open himself to a joint strike.
When she encountered the Nixie Queen for the first time, she applied for a job on the game floor and currently works the small value tables.

Alika Setzer is not her real name.


Both at and away from the table, Alika will generally play straight now that she can. Sometimes she is still tempted to either humble the arrogant through the careful arrangement of luck, or tip a hand to a true hard luck case before advising them to take their winnings and put it towards a hot meal.


Despite the presence of the wedding band, Alika is not married. It is her un-engagement ring, worn to deflect the advances of drunken and self-important passengers. She assumes that her parents are still alive, but she’s never gone back to check. She left when her “uncle” died and she no ties to her old life.


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