Standing at a height nearing 4 feet, those unaccustomed to gnomes would think Aldron was a beardless skinny dwarf. His rich brown hair is always combed neatly, though occasionally a cowlick might appear toward the back—he always makes sure to correct this when possible. The gnome is rather attractive, not just by gnomish standards but even some other races have been known to turn their heads for a second look.
Aldron has done some smuggling along the rivers winding through Elturgard, but after almost getting caught in Scornubrel, he decided to lay low for a while. He slipped aboard a ship crossing the Sea of Fallen Stars to Aglarond. On board the ship, he met an eladrin skilled in the ways of swordmagic, and began instructing Aldron in the art. After spending some time among the eladrin, Aldron embarked off again, hoping to one day return to his home in Elturgard. But then he came upon the Nixie Queen…
Aldron is a big flirt, and he doesn't let his difference in size affect his confidence in his attempts. He is also a joker and a punner. He loves to laugh and enjoys conversation, especially when money and women are involved. Strong of heart, Aldron is loyal to those he considers his closest friends.
There could be someone from Elturgard who had an incident with Aldron, causing some tension/conflict at some point.
No connection to PCs as of yet.
Plot hooks, Quests, etc
Aldron is fond of music, and will always sidle up to a bard to listen and discuss the craft. He doesn't fancy himelf a musician, just enjoys it and its effects on the audience.
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