About The Nixie Queen Adventuring Company

What's All This Then?

Faerun is crisscrossed with riverways. Riverboats and trading ships can ply these riverways, trading goods and moving passengers.

Some of the boats are quite elaborate. So the idea behind this group is that we are officers and guardians of a paddlewheel riverboat known as the Nixie Queen — a boat that plies the river network off of the Sea of Fallen Stars. From the eastern edge of Netheril, beyond Zhentil Keep, across the Moonsea, and as far as the Icelace River.. our little sternwheeler makes it's way across Faerun.

Our ship is powered by mysterious gondish technology and includes a few refurbished gondsmen (aka warforged) as crew-members.. some of them even have memories as old as the ship. Also the ship itself is a mystery and may have certain secrets that we can uncover in future MyRealms adventures.

So the idea is, it's a little bit Wild West (the Nixie Queen has an onboard Tavern, Casino, and Inn), and a little bit Star Trek (the ship plies it's way across Faerun, and our "away party" revolving cast of PCs gets off at various stops to find all kinds of adventures, including both published adventures and MyRealms. Ravens Bluff itself is just off of the Fire River. So we are riverboaters. Of all races, classes, and levels. You don't have to be a member of the Adventuring Company or crew to travel with us, and we are always glad to take part in adventures.

Our characters are going to follow a Wild West Aesthetic. Check here for some ideas!

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